General FAQs

Recycling FAQs for ILACSD
Q: How long has I Love A Clean San Diego been around?
A: We celebrated our 60th year in 2014! I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) has a long and successful history as a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of San Diego's coastal and inland resources. Our roots go back to 1954, when the San Diego City Council and the County Board of Supervisors created a joint War Against Litter Committee (WALC). Throughout the early 1960s, the WALC organized neighborhood and beach cleanups to help raise public awareness of San Diego's litter problems. In the late 1970s, "I Love A Clean San Diego" became the slogan under which the WALC publicized its special events and ongoing beautification program. The slogan was later adopted as the organization's name. We are the longest-running environmental non-profit in San Diego County.
Q: Is ILACSD a 501(c)(3) non-profit?
A: Yes, I Love A Clean San Diego became a 501(c) (3) non-profit in 1974. For more information concerning our non-profit status, please call our main line at 619.291.0103.
Q: How do you get your funding?
A: ILACSD is funded through private foundation contracts and grants, corporate sponsorships, government agencies, and private donations and individual giving.
Q: Can I make suggestions or comments to help ILACSD improve their service to the County of San Diego?
A: Yes, please. ILACSD welcomes all questions, comments, and concerns. We are here to serve you and our community. Send comments to
Q: How can I get involved with ILACSD?
A: There are several ways to get involved! We have several volunteer events, which include: beach and inland cleanups, Storm Drain Stenciling and Adopt-a-Beach programs. Click here for a schedule of upcoming events or contact the community programs department. We also coordinate County-wide special events such as the Creek To Bay Cleanup and Coastal Cleanup Day. For more information, regarding the special events, click here. And we can always use help in the office, contact if you are interested.
Q: How can I support ILACSD?
A: There are many ways you can support ILACSD from volunteering your time, to donating to support our programs. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of residents like you who are committed to keeping their community clean. Find out more on our Support Us page.
Q: Where can I buy ILACSD items?
A: We sell our merchandise at cleanups, select booth events, and at our office in Liberty Station. Please check back soon for more information about online sales - it is currently a work in progress.

ILACSD offers a variety of reusable and sustainable products including: stainless steel straws, t-shirts, reusable tote bags, hats and more! Proceeds go to continuing ILACSD programs that protect San Diego's resources and natural areas
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Volunteer FAQs

Recycling FAQs for ILACSD
Q: What do I need to bring to your events?
A: ILACSD will provide all necessary supplies at our events (i.e. bags, gloves, trash grabbers, etc). Volunteers can help us cut down on waste by swapping out single-use cleanup supplies and bringing their own reusable alternatives, such as a bucket or burlap to collect trash, a reusable water bottle to refill, and gardening or work gloves. We also suggest you wear closed-toe shoes, a hat, sunscreen and water.
Q: How can I find out information about beach cleanups or volunteer to help the environment?
A: Please check out our volunteer page or our calendar of events.
Q: How old do I have to be to volunteer?
A: We encourage all ages to volunteer! If you're under 18, however, you will need to fill out a liability waiver form. Download and complete the corresponding event waiver form and bring it with you to the event to streamline the registration process.
Q: If I am a returning volunteer, do I have to sign another waiver at each volunteer event?
A: I Love A Clean San Diego has a very large volunteer pool, and therefore requires all participants to sign a waiver at each volunteer event they attend.
Q: When is your next event?
A: Upcoming events can be found in our calendar of events. You can also stay up to date on our events by subscribing to our Volunteer Newsletter that is emailed out once a month. We also share cleanup details through social media so please be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram!
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Recycling FAQs

Recycling FAQs for ILACSD
Q: Who do I call to about getting a new trash, recycling, or green waste bin? Who do I call to if my trash service did not pick up on the scheduled day?
A: With the exception of the City of San Diego, which has its own trash/recycling collection service, all of the cities and the unincorporated county areas have franchised trash and recycling services. This means that each city has either an exclusive service agreement with one trash/recycling company or, as in the unincorporated county area's case, a number of them. All franchised companies operating in San Diego County offer recycling collection services.

Waste Haulers

Republic Services
(formerly known as Pacific Waste Services)
Waste Management

Express Waste and Recycling

Tayman Industries, Inc.

Cities and Unincorporated County Areas

City of San Diego:
Chula Vista:
Imperial Beach:
San Marcos:
La Mesa:
Del Mar:
Lemon Grove:
Solana Beach:
El Cajon:
National City:
Q: How do I start recycling at my apartment or condominium complex?

1. Choose a recycling hauler

Decide which company can best meet your complex's needs, keeping the following in mind:

  • What recyclable materials can the hauler take?
  • Are the hauler's bins well labeled and lockable?
  • Does the hauler provide any handouts for residents?
  • Will you see cost savings in the hauler bill once you start recycling?

2. Involve residents in setting up the program

  • Recruit other tenants to help with the initial legwork, such as distributing in-unit collection bins and educational materials.
  • Maintenance and grounds staff may need instructions on maintaining the recycling areas, emptying any recycling containers in common areas, and checking on bins when the recycling service first starts up.

3. Choose container locations

  • Large recycling bins should be placed in or near trash enclosures.
  • Smaller containers, if used, can be placed in laundry rooms, near swimming pools, clubhouses and mail stations.

4. Spread the word

  • To inform residents about the new recycling program, provide a “how to recycle” handout which could be distributed along with any in-unit recycling containers. Haulers may have handouts available.
  • Post notices on bulletin boards and laundry room walls when you start the program, as well as progress reports when changes are needed.
  • Include details and instructions for the recycling program in tenant or homeowner association newsletters.

5. Start recycling!

6. Share your success

  • As trash bins are eliminated or additional recycling bins are set out, share the good news!
  • List your recycling program when advertising for new tenants.
  • Include recycling achievements in your tenant or homeowner association newsletters.
  • If your complex is located in an unincorporated county area, call (858) 694-2465 for a free on-site consultation. The County of San Diego will provide you with free in-unit containers, assistance working with haulers, labels for recycling bins and educational materials for residents.
Download the complete recycling guide for apartment and condos.
Q: Where can I recycle cell phones?
A: Many retailers now collect cell phones to be recycled. Also, electronic waste collection events are a convenient option for recycling cell phones and other electronic waste items. Visit for locations.
Q: Where do I recycle household hazardous wastes such as paint, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, computer monitors, television sets, florescent light bulbs, household batteries, contaminated motor oil?
A: Household hazardous waste facilities are jurisdictionally based on proof of residency. Locate a center near you by accessing ILACSD's one stop recycling resource
Q: What is household hazardous waste and why do I have to take it to a special facility?
A: Leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients are considered to be "household hazardous waste." For example, paint, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides all contain potentially hazardous ingredients require special care when you dispose of them. It is both your legal and social responsibility to dispose of household hazardous waste properly. Improper disposal of household hazardous wastes can pollute the environment and pose a threat to human health. Pouring them down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers, or in some cases putting them out with the trash will pollute groundwater and local waterways, harming humans and wildlife.
Q: Where is the nearest recycling center to take my CRV recycling items?
A: Find information regarding a recycling center near you by visitng our one stop recycling resource You can also call Nexcycle at 1-800-969-2020, RePlanet at 1-877-737-5263, or ILACSD's recycling hotline 1-800-237-BLUE.
Q: Who do I call to report any of the following incidents?

Noise Pollution


Smoking Vehicles 1-800-28-SMOKE

Animal Control


Marine Pollution

Coast Guard's 24 Hour National Response Center:

Coast Guard Station on VHF Channels 9 or 16

Storm Water Pollution

City of San Diego:

County of San Diego: 1-888-846-0800

Q: How do I get brochures about recycling?
A:Brochures about recycling are available to the right for download.
Q: How can I reduce receiving wasteful junk mail?
A: Follow the steps in County of San Diego's Junk Mail kit.
Q: How can I opt out of annual phone book delivery?
A: Visit if you no longer wish to receive either the yellow pages or white pages.
Q: Where do I find my local government's website?
City of Carlsbad City of Imperial Beach City of San Marcos
City of Chula Vista City of La Mesa City of Santee
City of Coronado City of Lemon Grove City of Solana Beach
City of Del Mar City of National City Unincorporated County
City of El Cajon City of Oceanside City of Vista
City of Encinitas City of Poway  
City of Escondido City of San Diego  
Q: Who do I call if I have a complaint about a recycling center?
A: Call the State of California at 1-800-RECYCLE (1-800-732-9253)
Q: Where do I find more information on California Redemption Value?
A: At the State of California's website or at

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