Would you give $20, $50 or $100 to ensure your family and friends can enjoy clean beaches and trails year-round? Your support of I Love A Clean San Diego restores our community and changes the way people treat our local environment.

$50 - Provides supplies to stencil 50 storm drains with pollution prevention messages
$100 - Funds the materials to conduct a community cleanup
$250 - Educates 100 students on the importance of environmental protection


There’s a lot to love about living in San Diego! Help protect our local environment for generations to come by supporting I Love A Clean San Diego.

I really enjoy and appreciate that ILACSD is dedicated to keeping San Diego clean and promoting environmental cleanliness. – Cleanup volunteer

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I Love A Clean San Diego
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Employer Matching Gifts

Does your employer match donations? If you're not sure you can ask your Human Resources department or contact us and we'd be happy to help you figure it out. Matching gifts are an easy way to make your donation go even further!

Your Donations in Action

When you donate today, you support an organization that has worked hard for 60 years to create an environment that values conservation, preservation and, education. Below are just some of our accomplishments in 2013.

Beach Cleanups

Community Cleanups

Cleanups are an important part of preserving the quality of life here in San Diego. Last year, we mobilized more than 28,000 volunteers to remove nearly 500,000 pounds of debris from our community’s beaches, waterways, canyons, and parks. In addition to smaller monthly cleanups, ILACSD coordinates two of the largest countywide cleanup events each year, our signature event the Creek to Bay Cleanup, as well as Coastal Cleanup Day. We want to give San Diego residents various volunteer options and a better sense of how debris negatively impacts our local environment. Volunteers see first-hand how trash makes its way from inland communities all the way to the coast through San Diego County's vast watershed system.

High School Watershed Program

The waterways in San Diego County have a long history of chemical and bacterial contamination from urban runoff and industrial activities. Our high school watershed education program is designed to increase students’ knowledge of watersheds and promote behaviors that prevent storm water pollution. Presentations focus on the social and environmental connections between our community and the local creeks, rivers, bays, and ocean. Our Educators also review the latest information on the pacific garbage patch and dead zones, as well as help students identify everyday actions they can take to keep their local waterways healthy. ILACSD’s watershed presentations have shown to greatly increase student knowledge and to inspire them to behave in ways that benefit the local environment. Last year, we provided 292 high school watershed presentations, reaching over 9,162 students.

Our one stop recycling resource,, provides residents with information on recycling and proper disposal of hazardous items, diverting countless amounts of waste from San Diego’s landfills, and preventing illegal dumping in our communities. Last year we received 14,000 requests for information from local residents. From paint and batteries to wine corks and flip flops, almost anything can be recycled! Before you trash something, check out to see if it can be recycled or disposed of properly. Recycling these items keeps them out of our landfills and our environment.

Clean Beach Coalition

The Clean Beach Coalition places temporary trash and recycling bins on the sand in Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay Park, and Pacific Beach before the Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holidays each year. They encourage individuals to be aware of, and reduce the amount of waste they make in order to make it easier to enjoy the holiday without the guilt and mess of trash littering our coastline. While the Coalition’s primary focus is on preventing littering, it also sponsors the annual “Morning After Mess” cleanup on July 5th. The Clean Beach Coalition consists of local environmental organizations, community groups, and government agencies who are dedicated to raising awareness of and preventing beach litter issues. Learn more at

Nearby Nature

Education plays a large part in our mission to actively conserve and enhance the environment here in San Diego. Each year, we conduct a variety of outreach programs to educate elementary, middle, and high school youth in San Diego about properly conserving our local environment. This helps guide them in developing good habits at a young age that then become part of daily life and ultimately result in a healthier, cleaner, and more vibrant San Diego for future generations. We offer an opportunity to expand their knowledge through our nearby nature field trips, where children can better understand and value the nature surrounding them every day. Educators lead students on walking field trips to their nearest “nature” area, providing guided hikes and standards based outdoor learning activities.