6 Steps to Zero Waste Pumpkin Carving

6 Steps to Zero Waste Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

Carving pumpkins for Halloween? What’s not to love? All of the goodness that usually gets tossed into the trash can be used to add more fun to this tradition. Check out these 6 steps to make your carving completely zero waste this year.

1. Hey, Cut It Out!

Start with a sharp knife, metal spoon, and two bowls – one for flesh and one for seeds. Cut open the pumpkin by carving a circle into the top (or bottom) of the pumpkin.

Scoop out seeds & strings (aka “guts”) into one bowl, and then for the other bowl use a strong spoon to scrape the walls for the “flesh” that can be used to make pie!

Then, carve your design as desired!

2. The Roast of the Pumpkin Seeds

Ingredients: Raw Seeds, Water, Olive Oil or Butter, Salt

  • Rinse seeds & separate guts
  • Preheat oven to 400°F
  • Coat bottom of baking pan with olive oil or butter
  • Spread seeds on pan in single layer – toss them to coat with the oil & add salt (can also add chili flakes or other seasoning!)
  • Bake on the top rack until seeds begin to brown, ~ 20 minutes. When lightly browned, remove & let cool.

Store in jar and use as a snack or an addition to soups, salads, granola bars, and more!

3. Hurray for Purée!

  • Bring water to boil in bottom of steamer or in a pan
  • Remove skin from pumpkin meat & slice into similarly sized chunks
  • Place chunks in steamer (or metal colander in pan with lid on) for approx.. 50 minutes or until soft & mushy
  • Squash with fork or potato masher to make purée, or use a blender

Leave to cool and use it for other recipes like pie, face masks, or soup! Freeze leftovers for later use.

4. Hello There, Gourd-geous

Revitalize your skin with a DIY pumpkin face mask.

Mix pumpkin purée with organic honey and almond milk for a vitamin-filled (and tasty) way to nourish your skin.

Or, try one of the many other recipes that people have posted on the internet to find one best for you!

5. Pumpkin to Talk About

Repurpose carved pumpkins and turn them into bird feeders!

Cut your carved pumpkins in half and fill the bottom with bird seed. Then watch as feathered friends flock to your yard! Afterwards, be sure to compost the remainder. Just don’t forget to scrape off any wax from the pumpkin so it doesn’t get eaten!

6. Life is Gourd!

After you’ve used up all the pumpkin that you can, take a moment to be proud of yourself and appreciate the ability to use up every part of the pumpkin! Be sure to share your knowledge – and all the pumpkin pie you’re sure to make – with your friends, family, and neighbors! Happy Halloween!