Corporate CleanBuilding

Team building for the environment!

I Love A Clean San Diego County hosts turnkey, private, impact-driven team building cleanup activities for businesses of all sizes.

We find it important now more than ever to keep teams united to increase team moralesustain productivity, retain employee satisfaction and give meaning to team building events.

As San Diego County’s most influential advocate for sustainability, I Love A Clean San Diego has nearly 70 years of experience. We have always been dedicated to leading and inspiring action to empower our community to improve the health and beauty of our local environment. Our team coordinates over 25,000 volunteers annually who remove half a million pounds of litter and debris from San Diego’s neighborhoods, creeks and coastline. Our Corporate CleanBuilding program provides customizable and educational cleanup activities for impact-minded businesses hosted entirely by I Love A Clean San Diego. Your team will work together to beautify a local outdoor space of your choice like a nearby beach, park, or canyon in any part of San Diego County! We can even organize this experience for larger corporations with offices throughout the state!

Get started by filling out our Inquiry Form — Teambuilding events start at $2,500.

Why Cleanup?

CleanBuilding Team

By 2050 the world’s oceans will hold more weight in plastic pollution than fish. Trash that does not make its way to landfills ends up traveling into our rivers, storm drain systems and eventually flows directly into the Pacific Ocean. No matter where volunteers choose to clean up litter, they will prevent pollution in San Diego County’s eleven watersheds and support a healthy ecosystem.

Your team will gain knowledge about the necessity of being environmental stewards and get the chance to put this idea into practice together. The litter that your company recovers during your event makes an immediate positive environmental impact.


Join Us!

What to Expect

Our Community Programs Team will plan all event details for you to simply enjoy the cleanup experience.

Leading up to your event 

We work with your company to identify a date and time that works best for your team. We can also facilitate a social hour, food, and refreshments to accompany your event if you are interested. We provide all cleanup guidelines and information to get your team excited and enrolled in the big team cleanup! Your team will be equipped with local litter disposal information, recycling resources and safety guidelines for the cleanup.

I Love A Clean San Diego provides all the cleanup supplies and permitting if necessary so you don’t need to worry about a thing. The benefit is our supplies don’t cause extra waste like plastic garbage bags do.

If you would like to make your day even more impactful, you can update your event and support I Love A Clean San Diego with our upcycled buckets and grabber kits! I Love A Clean San Diego’s ‘Drop in the Bucket Program’ sources used buckets from Local restaurants & Deli’s, diverting waste from our landfills & giving it a new life!

On Event Day

Our staff will take care of all set up prior to the event and will be available to support in any ways needed during your cleanup. The event kick-off will be led by I Love A Clean San Diego staff and include all participants from your team. We take this opportunity to share the impact of plastic pollution, litter prevention and urban runoff impact on our environment. This is a chance to solidify some of the ideas and concepts that inspire our efforts during the cleanup. It can also begin a conversation toward new waste reducing habits at home and work! After the cleanup is finished, we will appropriately dispose of all trash, sanitize all supplies used, and take down our set up.

After Your Cleanup

Following your event, your team will receive access to a personalized volunteer impact data that reflects their litter and debris cleanup totals and allows for a visualization of the event’s efforts.  You will be able to share your achievements with your company to illustrate your commitment to caring for San Diego.

Get Started Today

Our CleanBuilding program provides actionable teamwork with quantifiable results and tangible takeaways. We provide waste reduction insights for your company and educational tips for your employees. Strengthen your team and make an immediate positive environmental impact. Employees value community involvement, creative team building opportunities, and time spent outdoors.

We are eager and excited to work with companies in San Diego County dedicated to contributing positively to our environment. Developing awareness and promoting sustainable practices can have a lasting impact on employees and the environment.

If you would like I Love A Clean San Diego to coordinate a cleanup for your business, please fill out the inquiry form linked at the top of this page. If you have any questions, contact our Regional Programs Coordinators by phone at 619-704-2774 or email at or