Donate Your Vehicle Today!

It’s hastle-free, fast and safe, and makes a positive environmental impact!

Your vehicle donation helps us drive litter cleanups, pollution prevention and zero waste education programs for youth and adults. Every year our programs mobilize more than

    • 20,000 volunteers who remove over 300,000 pounds of litter around the county;
    • 800 environmental worshops for more than 20,000 K-12 students; and,
    • Advance zero waste living with real-world solutions for thousands of adults.

    Did You Know Your Vehicle Donation Makes a Posivive Impact?

    14 million tons of steel salvaged
    Recycling 13 million automobiles in a year recovers 14 million tons of recycled steel, saving enough energy to power 18 million households for one year.

    85 million barrels of oil saved
    The steel industry uses 74% less energy by recycling steel instead of producing new steel. That’s equivalent to annually saving about 85 million barrels of oil.

    24 million gallons of motor oil reused
    2 million gallons of water can be contaminated with just 1 gallon of motor oil. Each year, the automotive recycling industry ensures an estimated 24 million gallons of motor oil is reused and not wasted.

    Reduce Pollution
    75% of all pollution produced by automobiles comes from cars over 13 years old, and every year, about 15 million automobiles reach the end of their vehicle life.

    160,000 Tons of Steel Recovered
    86% of a vehicle can be reused or used for energy recovery. For example, recycling all the filters sold in the U.S. every year recovers 160,000 tons of steel. That’s enough steel to make 16 new baseball stadiums.