Helping Maintain the Health & Beauty of San Diego’s Beaches & Bays on Busy Summer Holidays!

The Clean Beach Coalition is a program led by I Love A Clean San Diego, in partnership with the City of San Diego, Urban Corps and local businesses.

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Clean Beach Coalition Bins Deployed in Time for 4th of July Weekend

During busy summer holidays, San Diego’s beaches and bays are the popular spots for local and out-of-town visitors. With the influx of beachgoers, permanent trash receptacles are overwhelmed by the surge of additional waste, which can lead to pollution on the beaches and in the bays and ocean. Now in its 14th summer, the Clean Beach Coalition places temporary waste and recycling bins along some of San Diego’s busiest beaches and bays over holiday weekends to help protect the city’s beaches from hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollution. This summer nearly 100 bins will be deployed, beginning with the July 4th weekend.

Clean Beach Coalition Bins 2020

Enjoy the Scene, and Keep it Clean

Over the past decade, the Clean Beach Coalition has kept 3.5 million pounds of trash off the beach and out of the ocean. In 2019, the program collected over 348,000 pounds of trash and recyclables over the summer holiday weekends. With the support of Think Blue San Diego and The Coca-Cola Foundation, the coalition aims to educate beachgoers about the harms of beach and marine litter, and how we can lessen our impact by swapping out single-use, disposable products with reusable alternatives.





Ready your Reusables

Please Plan Ahead – Pack Out What is Packed In!

Anyone can help keep our beaches clean! A simple way to make a huge difference is opting for reusable items in place of disposable, single-use plastics.

  • Do not purchase styrofoam containers or single-use plastic cups of any kind. Rather use hard plastic or metal coolers, insulated bags and reusable, beach-safe cups as alternatives.
  • Do not purchase single-use plastic bottles. Bring refillable water bottles and large reusable fluid containers for beverages instead.
  • Refuse to purchase plastic utensils and do not take them from restaurants – bring and use reusable options.
  • Avoid the use of plastic bags at every opportunity possible.
  • Eliminate the need for single-use sandwich bags and food wrappers by shopping in bulk and packing food in reusable food storage containers.
  • Leave the beach you enjoyed better than it was when you arrived! Pack out what you packed in!

Join the Morning After Mess Cleanup

July 5th is the annual morning after mess cleanup in partnership with Surfrider San Diego. Click here for more information.

Local Business Support for Clean Beaches

The efforts of the Clean Beach Coalition would not be possible without the generous support of local businesses, organizations and individuals. To learn how your business can become a supporting sponsor of clean beaches in 2021, contact Ian Monahan, Philanthropy and Marketing Manager at: 619.795.5806. Your brand will be featured on over 200 bins on San Diego’s beaches over major holidays and recognized across other platforms in appreciation for your support!


Thank You to Our Partners

I Love A Clean San Diego would like to thank the Clean Beach Coalition 2021 supporters.

Think Blue


Coca Cola Foundation